10 Tips On How To Maintain Weight Loss

It can be difficult to lose weight, but it’s been shown that the harder part is actually keeping the weight off. Studies say that 65 percent of people that have lost weight end up gaining it all back (and sometimes more) within just three years of reaching their goal weight. Only about five percent of people are able to maintain their weight loss without regaining any of the weight. Those are some pretty alarming numbers, but how do you join the five percent instead of the majority?

Also, if you’ve never been overweight and are just looking to maintain your weight for the long run, how do you make it easier on yourself? These aren’t easy questions to answer, but we have some solutions on how to maintain a healthy weight. It’s going to take some discipline, sure, but once you seal a habit, it should be easy to keep a healthy weight. Here are 10 things you need to be doing to maintain weight.

Don’t Ditch The Scale


There are some experts that say you should ditch the scale and only focus on how your clothes are fitting, but research has actually shown that people who weigh themselves more often are less likely to gain weight. People who weigh themselves on a daily basis are more likely to adjust their eating habits if they see a one or two pound weight gain. Not only were people at a healthy weight less likely to gain weight, but those who were overweight or obese had better weight loss results. It even helped college freshman avoid putting on the freshman 15 while their classmates who didn’t weigh in on a daily basis had packed on the pounds.

Don’t Stop Exercising


One of the biggest reasons why so any people regain weight after losing a significant amount is because they get comfortable and ditch their workout plans. Keeping up your workout routine is shown to help people maintain weight loss, with an average 200 minutes of exercise per week to be the magic number. For those that have lost weight instead of having always been a healthy weight, exercising an average of one hour per day is the key. There could be some adjustments that you have to make to your schedule after having lost weight, but it’s important to keep an exercise routine.

Keep Cheat Days The Same


For those that have been successful in losing weight, almost all of them had a cheat day thrown in here and there. After reaching a goal weight, it seems that more of those cheat days start to sneak back into the schedule and all of a sudden, every day becomes a cheat day. While you can add more calories to your regular diet to help maintain weight instead of continuing to lose it, keep your cheat days on the same schedule. One day per week where you have a meal of your choosing is a good suggestion to staying on track.

Pack In The Protein


After dropping a significant amount of weight, your metabolism is going to be burning far fewer calories than when you were at your pre-diet weight. To offset that, eating more protein can help to actually boost your metabolism. Protein helps to fuel your muscles, and having more muscle mass means that you’re burning more calories throughout the day. It’s also going to keep you more full so that you don’t get cravings for junk food or any other unnecessary calories.

Ditch The Alcohol


There’s nothing wrong with drinking alcohol in moderation, and scientists say that having around one drink per day is actually healthy for you. It’s when you start drinking to excess though that you’ll find the pounds coming back on. Binge drinking adds in a ton of calories, and also leads to lower inhibitions that cause you to eat the foods that you’d normally avoid. Not only that, but excess alcohol intake is also linked with depression, and that could cause you to skip your exercises and overeat, leading to weight gain.

Clean The Counters


You probably wouldn’t think that countertops would have anything to do with weight maintenance, but you’d be surprised! You know how grocery stores have those candy bars near the register? It’s all in hopes of getting you to make one last impulse purchase before leaving the store, and your kitchen can have the same problem. If you’re leaving junk food or sodas out on the counter, you’re only adding to your temptations. Studies show that women who have left soda on their counter weigh an average of nearly 30 pounds more than those who don’t.

Don’t Sweat Setbacks


There are likely to be times where you’ve found yourself gaining a few pounds due to changing up your routine by not eating right or getting enough exercise. When this happens, it can be a slippery slope that leads to more weight gain, but you have to take control of it right away. If the scale shows that you’re five or 10 pounds over your goal weight, it’s a good motivator to adjust your eating habits back to healthy ones that same day instead of allowing the problem to snowball.

Water Water Everywhere


Water is obviously an important compound of our lives, and it’s one of the easiest ways that you can not only maintain weight, but also lose weight. Those who drank water before eating meals ate more than 10 percent fewer calories than those that didn’t, and it can also make you feel more full throughout the day. As a nice bonus, drinking eight glasses of cold water per day even boosts your metabolism so that you’re burning even more calories.

Keep Logging


One of the more effective tools for weight loss is tracking all of the calories that you’re eating and exerting. It seems like it can be an exhausting process, but once you get the hang of it, it’s rather easy. A problem that people have after reaching their goal weight is that they no longer keep track of their calories. When you’re not measuring or only guessing as to how many calories you’re eating, you can easily lose track and eat too many. So don’t delete that calorie counting app just yet if you want to maintain weight.

Eat More Fiber


Don’t allow yourself to overeat to maintain weight, and a great way of doing that is by making sure that your stomach isn’t constantly rumbling. Eating more fiber helps you stay in control of your diet, as it’s the most filling nutrient out there. Fiber will also boost your digestive system so that you’re burning more calories and helping your metabolism. There’s an endless amount of benefits that you get from fiber, so make it a high priority!