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9 Foods That Increase Testosterone

Acting as a natural steroid, testosterone is the hormone that’s found in the body and plays many different roles. The average male has a lot more testosterone than the average woman, though both need healthy levels. The average adult female has about 15 to 70 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL) of testosterone, while adult men have 270 to 1,070 ng/dL. After we turn 30 years old, however, men expect to lose about one percent of their total testosterone on a yearly basis.

Decreased testosterone in men can result in common symptoms that many are desperate to reverse. This includes a reduction in muscle mass, increase in fat and change in distribution, lower sex drive and sperm production, and even a loss in bone density. Testosterone has gotten a lot of attention, with many supplements and injections promising to increase testosterone. However, eating a proper diet can also help you naturally increase your testosterone so you can avoid certain methods. Here are foods that increase testosterone naturally to help you feeling younger and more energetic sooner rather than later!



There are quite a few fish out there (including sardines and salmon) that are great for testosterone production, but it’s tuna that gets the best reputation. With a low concentration of calories and fat with high protein and nutrients, tuna is an ideal food to eat for men. One of the more important nutrients found in tuna is vitamin D, with around 100 percent of your daily recommended value. Eating vitamin D boosts your short and long term testosterone because of the vitamin D and has also been shown to boost overall sex drive.



Tuna and garlic certainly aren’t going to make your breath smell great, but sometimes you have to suck it up if you want some helpful testosterone. One study set out to see if garlic had an effect on testosterone, and found that after four weeks, testosterone levels were boosted by eating more garlic powder. Part of the reason was the amount of allicin within garlic, which allows testosterone to work more efficiently, fueling muscle growth. Since loss of muscle mass is common with loss of testosterone, this makes garlic a key food.

Cruciferous Vegetables


Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, you can take your pick from any of these vegetables to help boost your testosterone. When you eat these types of vegetables, you introduce more indoles into your diet. These work to break down any excess estrogen in your body, expelling it naturally through urine. Studies showed that within just one week of eating cruciferous vegetables on a daily basis were able to cut estrogen levels in men by half, slowing down the signs of aging dramatically.



There are some good sources of zinc out there, but perhaps none better than beans (especially kidney beans). While red meat also provides zinc, you want to avoid eating too much in your diet, as it can actually lower your testosterone and cause heart disease. Beans, on the other hand, a low in fat but high in zinc, fiber and vitamin D. The fiber is much better for your digestive system than red meat, too, which means that you’ll be reducing your chances of colon cancer.



Fruits make for a great part of any diet, really, but pomegranate has been shown specifically to have a huge effect on testosterone, especially the juice. Recent studies have shown that drinking a glass of pomegranate juice on a daily basis was able to raise the average testosterone level in patients by more than 20 percent. Not only that, but participants in the study also had lower blood pressure with increased mood and libido thanks to the wide range of nutrients.



While we know that most types of nuts are great for muscle building and low in carbohydrates, there are certain ones to target to build testosterone levels. Brazil nuts, tiger nuts and macadamia nuts have been found to be the best for testosterone, thanks in part to their high amounts of monounsaturated fats and low polyunsaturated fats. These nuts also contain helpful nutrients like zinc, magnesium and more with tiger nuts even having a link to boosting testosterone that still has many researchers baffled about the link. Nuts you’ll want to avoid include walnuts, almonds, peanuts and pistachios according to studies.



Grapes (red grapes in particular) are great for men since they block estrogen from being produced in the body. Grape skin contains resveratrol, while the seeds have proanthocyanidin. Both of these prevent estrogen while the extract from grape seed has been shown to protect testosterone molecules in your body naturally. There’s been plenty of research conducted on grapes, and the amount of benefits for testosterone has been wonderful, making grapes one of the finest foods to eat. With how easy they are to find and eat, it just makes things even better.



Eggs have a high amount of cholesterol per serving, but not everything is always what it seems. The cholesterol in egg yolks will actually help you boost the levels of cholesterol in your body. This includes raising your HDL cholesterol levels, while also introducing a lot of protein and healthy fat. Boosting your HDL levels can increase the efficiency of testosterone, while key nutrients like vitamins A, K2 and others all increase testosterone production and lower cortisol in the body.



While it doesn’t seem like it would have a big impact on testosterone, watermelon has actually been found to increase libido by a significant amount. That’s because watermelon contains citrulline, an amino acid that works the same way as certain drugs that are used to treat erectile dysfunction by relaxing blood vessels. Citrulline is also able to increase arginine in your body, leading to more testosterone production. Some have disputed arginine’s ability to help testosterone, but certain studies have found there’s a positive benefit.

Foods That Lower Testosterone


Even simply cutting certain foods and drinks from your diet can help you prevent losing testosterone. The first thing you want to avoid if you’re looking to increase testosterone is alcohol. Drinking heavily can quickly lower testosterone levels while increasing estrogen, which isn’t exactly a desired result for men. Drinking in moderation can actually raise your testosterone level, however, as some studies showed having half of a drink can cause a boost.

Flaxseed, while having many other health benefits, can be a hindrance on testosterone. The same can be said for soy, mint and vegetable oils can all be part of healthy diets, but not if you want to boost testosterone. Overall, cutting out high calorie junk foods (such as fried foods, ice cream, pasta and others) that can raise your blood pressure is a good way to make sure you don’t lower your testosterone. Just stick to the diet listed above and your testosterone will be back on track, leaving you feeling and looking much better in no time!