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Crossfit Workout Review

You’ve probably heard of CrossFit, but you might not be sure exactly what it is or why it’s so popular. Well, it’s one of the most exciting and demanding styles of working out in existence. It combines techniques that are commonly used in gymnastics, calisthenics, weightlifting, and other sports. CrossFit focuses on nine major movements, all of which are designed to build your strength and help you maneuver through everyday life. As you get more accustomed to CrossFit, you’ll be able to master more complex exercises.

Former gymnast and fitness authority Greg Glassman founded CrossFit Inc. in 2000 with his then-wife Lauren Jenai. From the start, these workouts have been known for their intensity and variety. During one of these sessions, you’ll complete a series of short, explosive exercise bursts, which will keep your body from falling into a rut. CrossFit is also extremely precise; its practitioners follow strict time limits and complete exact numbers of sets and repetitions. Its enthusiasts even keep score so that they can measure their progress over time and keep pushing themselves further and further.

Hooray for Hollywood, Hooray for CrossFit

One of the most impressive things about CrossFit is that so many celebrities are devoted to it. Keep in mind that many famous people are extremely fitness-conscious, and they obviously have access to the best personal trainers in the world.

The following men and women are just some of the stars who’ve come to love CrossFit.

How does Brad Pitt maintain his abs, biceps, pecs, and all the rest of those muscles past the age of 50? You guessed it: He relies on CrossFit training. Those routines will no doubt serve him well as he reenters the singles market.

Kelly Clarkson, the first winner of the television show “American Idol,” depends on CrossFit workouts that last less than 35 minutes. She finds that this regimen gives her mental as well as physical benefits, making her feel happier and more dynamic.

Channing Tatum says that if he avoids working out for a little while, he becomes “soft.” Of course, that’s a problem for a guy who frequently shows off his body on the big screen. Fortunately, Channing has CrossFit to ward off the paunch. He especially appreciates that this fitness style never gets dull.

Elizabeth Banks, a movie director and an actress who’s known for her comedic work, is an enthusiastic CrossFit booster. In particular, she praises it because it saves her time. She also loves the feeling of working various muscles during the same session. Elizabeth just doesn’t find working one muscle group one day and another muscle group another day to be satisfying enough.

Country music superstar Tim McGraw didn’t merely tone his body with CrossFit. He credits this workout routine with helping him to overcome his alcoholism. In fact, Tim sometimes does CrossFit routines with all of his band members, and he feels that it brings more life to their concerts.

Jessica Alba had a daughter in 2012 and wanted to get back in shape as soon as possible. Her trainer had the perfect solution: CrossFit. In short order, Jessica became a CrossFit devotee, and she frequently does these routines at her Los Angeles gym.

In 2011, actress Vanessa Hudgens began doing CrossFit workouts for about 90 minutes at a time. She never expected to become as strong as she did, but her new power and physique allowed her to expand her range and take on some serious action roles.

Jessica Biel has been a fierce CrossFit practitioner for a long time. She loves that it lets her stay muscular instead of overly thin, and in this way, she hopes to be able to inspire others.

Many other celebs are CrossFit fans in addition, including Matt Damon, Cameron Diaz, and Madonna.

Getting Started

After reading about the benefits of CrossFit, you might now be wondering how you could begin these kinds of workouts yourself. For starters, you should read a variety of CrossFit plans in detail. Do you feel like you’re ready for them? Remember that these exercise sessions will probably be the most intense by far that you’ve ever experienced. If you feel confident that you’d like to continue, try talking to your doctor about CrossFit. That way, you can be certain that she or he doesn’t have any reservations.

At this point, you’ll want to find a licensed CrossFit trainer or club in your area. That way, you can learn how to do each exercise correctly. You’ll always have the right form, and you’ll always put the right amount of force into each movement. Plus, your trainer can supply you with all of the pieces of equipment that you’ll need, objects like kettlebells and heavy ropes for lifting and pulling. What’s more, this expert can carefully plan out a series of routines that will progress at the proper speed for you and let you reach your fitness goals.

Once you get the hang of this program, you might sign up for a CrossFit class, one that matches your skill level. It can be fun and motivating to work out with others, and it can be a great way to make new friends.

As you might imagine, you’ll be able to find plenty of CrossFit workout descriptions online. In fact, the website publishes a workout itinerary every day for people to try. However, unless you really know what you’re doing, it’s not a good idea ― and it can even be a little dangerous ― to attempt CrossFit routines on your own. Even if you have a great deal of experience, it’s important to make sure that someone else is around whenever you’re doing a CrossFit session at home.

In the end, though, there’s nothing quite like CrossFit. It can give you a lean and powerful physique, a clear mind, a strong storehouse of energy, and a true feeling of accomplishment. On top of that, CrossFit will lower your negative stress levels and get rid of any frustration you might be dealing with. In short, it’ll make you feel like you could conquer anything.