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The DailyBurn Workout Review

People are busier than ever these days, but they also want to lose weight. Combine that with the fact that digital media is exploding, and it only makes sense that video streaming has become a growing trend in the fitness industry. There are a lot of YouTube videos that you can watch that will guide you through a workout, but there is one platform that has garnered a lot of attention in the past few years, and that’s DailyBurn.

DailyBurn was founded back in 2007 as Gyminee by Andy Smith and Stephen Blankenship before changing its name to the current title in 2009. The company would have its first hit with a calorie counting app before getting into video streaming in late 2011. Now, there are nearly 3 million people signed up with DailyBurn as video has become more accessible on televisions, smartphones and gaming consoles. So what has set DailyBurn apart in the fitness streaming world? Let’s take a look at the program and see how you can benefit.

What is DailyBurn?


No matter what streaming device you are using, the type of DailyBurn experience that you get will be about the same. Once you sign up on the DailyBurn website, you get a personalized plan based on your age, fitness level and goals. DailyBurn has even said that watching YouTube videos is going to be a waste of time since it’s not personalized, whereas their model is catering to what you’re going to need to hit your goals.

All of the trainers on DailyBurn are certified, and there are different types of workout programs to select from. Not all of the programs are going to be intense like Insanity or involve a lot of dancing like Zumba. Instead, you can select from programs that we will get into in just a little bit. Not only can you select the videos, but you can also stream them live if you are awake in the morning early enough on the DailyBurn 365 program. Even if you miss out on the stream, it will be available on demand throughout the rest of the day.

DailyBurn has an online community where you can speak with coaches, trainers and other members of the program for support. An added bonus is that there is also a live chat with all of these people, meaning that you can get answers in an instant instead of waiting for an e-mail reply. Another big selling point of DailyBurn is that you don’t have to buy a lot of expensive equipment like some at-home programs, and you won’t need to join a gym.

Once you have finished one of the workouts, it will be added to your profile page where you will see how many calories you’ve burned and how far along you are in the program. The calories are calculated by the information that you put in, and you can update the information whenever you want. There are plenty of challenges to keep you motivated, as well, and you can feel free to add workouts on top of the workout schedule you’ve been given to burn some more calories.

DailyBurn Programs


As we mentioned earlier, there are a lot of different workout programs with DailyBurn so that you can find one that you like and are able to keep up with. Let’s look at the different programs available right now:

15 – The shortest of the programs, 15 lasts for just 15 minutes per day over the course of 15 days for a weight loss boost for the busiest people out there.

15 Minute Belly, Butt and Thighs – Just some quick toning workouts that last for 15 minutes each, with three weeks worth of different workouts and can be used by any fitness level.

Beautiful Belly – Pregnant mothers that want to stay in shape can go through this Yoga plan for the entire length of their pregnancy with workouts that last 20 to 40 minutes.

Black Fire – “The Biggest Loser” trainer Bob Harper leads Black Fire, which is an advanced two month course designed to promote strength and lean muscles.

Bodyweight Burners – A four week program without any weights that allows you to use your own body as gym equipment. This one is a tougher program, but the workouts are short at 30 minutes or less.

Cardio Sculpt – A three month cardio program designed for beginners with workouts that last up to 50 minutes.

Core – Naturally, Core focuses on the core muscles (mainly the abdominals) for two weeks of toning. It can be a challenge for some, and workouts last for up to 45 minutes.

DBK – If you feel more comfortable with kettlebells, then the DBK workout might be right up your alley as you tone and gain muscle in this course that lasts for three months.

Fit in 10 – If you’re trying to squeeze in a quick workout, then Fit in 10 is the way to go as you can stagger these short 10 minute workouts throughout the day to maximize effectiveness.

Inferno and Inferno HR – Inferno is a strength building workout that lasts for up to 50 minutes over the course of three weeks and is an advanced program. The HR edition is even tougher, so only the most advanced should give it a try.

IntelliBurn – IntelliBurn mixed it up by taking the most popular DailyBurn workouts from all of the different programs and putting them into a one month course.

Live to Fail – Live to Fail is focused on weight loss with an increased difficulty and longer workouts over the course of 90 days.

Move! –  Dancing cardio workouts have become more popular over the past few years, and Move! emphasizes similar workouts. This is a four week cardio program with workouts that last at least 30 minutes each.

Pilates – Two different phases of the popularity Pilates workouts are found on DailyBurn that last up to 25 minutes and covers different types of fitness levels.

Recover – Beginners that are working through an injury would feel more at home with Recover, which is a short program that is designed to increase your mobility.

Spartan – If you are training for a Spartan race, this is a six week program designed to get you ready with workouts that last around 30 minutes. The difficulty is a bit tougher, which is to be expected.

TBT – There is absolutely no equipment with TBT, which focuses on using your own bodyweight to get through the workouts, lasting for one month in workouts that are 45 minutes or less.

Total Cardio – Total Cardio is a step up from True Beginner and lasts for four weeks. Weight loss will be boosted here as workouts are up to 50 minutes for four weeks.

True Beginner – An eight week weight loss program solely for beginners that want to get their weight loss kickstarted with workouts that last 30 minutes or less.

Yoga and Yoga Made Simple – The standard Yoga plans are here in DailyBurn with two different levels, and workouts last for 30 to 60 minutes, covering all fitness levels.

What to Know About DailyBurn


With all of these personalized workouts available live and on demand, you can probably guess that it’s not going to come free like it does on YouTube. There are two different plans (that you can try out) for streaming. The first plan is the monthly basic, which costs just under $15 per month. You get to use all of the programs with a new workout each day, chat with those in the community and get recipes and a nutritional plan.

The other plan is the premium, which costs just under $27 per month. The different between the two is that the premium gets you access to all of the past morning workouts that are released each day and first access to new content. It’s not a huge difference, and more people find themselves comfortable with the basic plan.

You should also know that there are certain platforms that you can stream DailyBurn from. If you want the full screen workout, you can use a Smart TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire, Roku and Apple TV. Apple, Android and Amazon tablets will also work with Apple and Android smartphones streaming services. If you don’t have any of those, you can still use your desktop or personal computer.

Summing it Up


A lot of people have found success with at-home workouts, but a good majority of people seem to eventually get bored with it. That can be a problem with a massive purchase with a library of DVDs, but not so much with DailyBurn since it’s a monthly service. It’s actually a smart idea on their part to charge monthly since a lot of people won’t like to admit that they aren’t using the program and either forget or refuse to cancel it.

How much you want to workout is up to you, and there is plenty to pick from with DailyBurn, so you won’t be getting bored with repeating the same ones. For that reason, it gets high marks, but some people prefer the gym environment. There is more personalization with DailyBurn than with YouTube videos, but finding a workout plan that works for you can still be found for free, or at least less than $15 per month.

DailyBurn is definitely not a scam like some reviews have said, and it’s nice to have a program that also gives you some eating guidelines while working out. There is something there for everyone, and if you want to workout at home, there are certainly worse ways to go than DailyBurn. Just make sure that you have the right streaming devices.