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The Dukan Diet Review

The Dukan Diet, developed by Dr. Pierre Dukan, is an eating plan that was created to tackle obesity. Its goal is to teach people how to eat in a healthy manner so that they may begin looking and feeling their best. To get a better understanding of the diet, here is a closer look at what it entails.

From the beginning, the Dukan Diet has generated great interest from many individuals who need to lose weight. Its popularity stems from its promises to help people drop pounds fast and without much effort. Many individuals love the idea that they can lose 10 pounds in a week and never gain it back. The meat of the plan centers around eating protein, water, and oat bran. In theory, as you limit carbohydrates, your body is forced to burn fat. Instead of spending hours exercising in a gym, only a few minutes of simple activity must be completed each day. According to the plan, you can consume unlimited foods that are on an approved list. There is no need to count calories or perform vigorous exercise. Since protein is filling, you will feel satisfied and never hungry.

Although many skeptics claim that the diet is overly restrictive, Dr. Dukan explains that his plan is very balanced and offers a healthy way to lose weight. He believes that eating low-fat foods helps with weight loss and is good for a person’s overall health. Also, he claims that by encouraging individuals to eat oat bran and unlimited vegetables, they receive an abundance of fiber. He does not endorse this diet for a person who is at a healthy weight, but he feels that it can be quite successful and is smart for individuals who are severely overweight.

Celebrities That Swear By the Dukan Diet

Besides everyday people, the Dukan Diet has generated the interest of many celebrities. For instance, Jennifer Lopez and Gisele Bundchen both used the diet to drop weight after having their children. It is also rumored that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, followed the plan after giving birth. Her mother, Carole Middleton, is believed to have used the diet to get ready for her daughter’s wedding as well. She quickly lost four pounds just four days before the big day.

J-Lo admitted that she tried hard to lose her baby weight, but even with tremendous exercise, she had a difficult time dropping the last 20 pounds. Thanks to this diet, she made drastic changes to her eating habits, and she was able to get her body back into shape.

Gisele explained that she exercised during her pregnancy and was “mindful” of her diet. However, by following the Dukan plan, she was able to shed her entire 30-pound weight gain in under six months and return to the runway in a bikini after the birth of her son Benjamin.

Carole Middleton was certainly not overweight, but she was suffering with some extra weight around her waist after menopause. To ensure a slimmer figure for her daughter’s wedding, she followed a modified version of the diet.

How to Get Started With The Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet consists of four phases. To achieve positive results, it is imperative to follow all of the rules closely. The length of each phase depends on the amount of weight that a person needs to lose. Phase 1 is the shortest, but Phase 2 may last months. Phase 3 is a transition between weight loss and weight maintenance. The final part is making lifelong changes. Throughout the phases, a person will consume large amounts of protein and limit carbohydrates. All phases are extremely low in calories as well.

Before beginning, it is best to head to the store so that you can stock your refrigerator and cabinets with proteins, including tofu, pork, steak, chicken, and eggs. You may also purchase non-fat yogurt and skim milk.

Phase 1: Attack

The first phase is known as “Attack.” To get started, you begin eating as much lean protein as possible, approximately six cups of water, and some oat bran. To avoid the bland taste, you are allowed to use spices and herbs. You cannot consume fruits or vegetables at this time, and cheating is forbidden. A person must exercise 20 minutes each day as well. This “Attack” phase usually lasts five days, and you can expect to lose up to seven pounds.

Phase 2: Cruise

The second phase is called “Cruise.” At this time, you can add non-starchy vegetables to mealtime. You are still allowed to eat an unlimited amount of lean protein, and you increase your oat bran intake. In this phase, 30 minutes of exercise is required. You can expect to lose up to four pounds per week until your goal weight is achieved.

Phase 3: Consolidation

The third phase is “Consolidation.” It is the time when you must maintain your new figure. At this point, you may be vulnerable to regaining your weight, so it is important to follow this phase for up to six months. During this time, you continue eating unlimited protein, vegetables, and oat bran. Also, you can begin eating a serving of fruit, a small portion of cheese, and two pieces of whole grain bread each day. Slowly, you can incorporate two starches per week, three protein treats, and a “celebration” meal. At this meal, you can have anything you want without binging. To ensure success, you are encouraged to follow the “Attack” phase once a week and perform 25 minutes of exercise each day.

Phase 4: Stabilization

The third phase is “Stabilization” and is permanent maintenance. Although the rules have abated, it is recommended to follow one day of Phase 1 each week and to continue eating oat bran. You are advised to exercise 20 minutes each day. This can be as simple as walking around your neighborhood.

Books and Products to Help Along the Way

When you are interested in trying the Dukan Diet, there are some books and products that will help you along your weight loss journey.

Dukan Diet Recipe Book

One of the most helpful tools to have when you follow this diet is a recipe book. Sharon Stone’s “Dukan Diet” outlines a seven-day meal plan that can be used during Phase 1. Since this is the most limiting phase, you may be looking for tasty recipes that keep you on track. Stone provides meal ideas that are perfect for any time of the day, including snacks. The best part is that you do not have to be a master chef to prepare them.

The Dukan Diet Cookbook

Written by Dr. Dukan, this book is a wonderful companion to the diet. Thanks to his 35 years of experience in clinical nutrition, he is able to provide a guide that teaches a person how to prepare healthy recipes that are appealing and delicious.

Dukan Diet Natural Slimming Tea

This tea is made to cleanse the body and encourage weight loss. It is all natural, contains no caffeine, and tastes great when it is served hot or cold. After drinking this tea, many people report that they feel much less bloated in a short period of time.

Dukan Diet Organic Oat Bran

Since oat bran must be consumed each day on this diet plan, a tasty supplement is important. This product is a natural source of fiber, is easily measured, and can be simply sprinkled over cereal, yogurt, or cottage cheese.
Dukan Diet Turkey Jerky Hot and Spicy. When you want a tasty snack while following the Dukan Diet, this turkey jerky is ideal. It is filled with protein and contains poultry that was raised without antibiotics. It is gluten-free and contains no sugar or MSG.

Our Conclusion

Although the Dukan Diet is filled with rules and food guidelines, it is much easier to follow than many other plans. Even though it is restrictive, it has proven to bring positive weight loss results for individuals who are obese. If followed correctly, it is sure to help you change your eating habits into the long-term.