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Insanity Workout Review

In today’s increasingly busy world, it can be difficult for many people to carve out time for the gym. Indeed, hitting the machines may not even be an option for you currently, especially if you live in a rural area or you’ve recently had a baby. This is where workouts like Insanity can transform your life, helping you to achieve ultimate fitness goals while you’re in the comfort of your own living room.

With legendary fitness instructor Shaun T at the helm, it seems inevitable that this workout became wildly popular. Possessing a background in sports science and dance, Shaun Thompson immediately made himself known as one of the top choreographers in Los Angeles. It was when he was working at Equinox as an instructor that he was approached by the company Beachbody to video some workout routines for those who couldn’t take his classes firsthand. Obviously, the team at Beachbody was very impressed with what they saw. Shaun T possessed a unique ability to combine his rare talents, creating a supernova of dance and cardio fitness.

Making the most of his extensive knowledge in these areas, Shaun T put together a plan that immediately became popular. At-home workout enthusiasts praised the fun dance moves and efficiency of the routines. Over a period of 60 days, they found that the program allowed them to improve stamina and muscle tone, all while burning fat. The name Insanity is probably a good tip-off that this program isn’t necessarily for beginners. Since it is a high-impact, intense cardio workout, Insanity is geared towards those who are already in fairly decent shape. The best Insanity candidates are people who are interested in toning up and improving fitness.

Shaun T believes that Insanity devotees should be able to achieve the body of their dreams. He wants his fans to be ripped and lean, and all of the moves in the Insanity series are designed to help fitness enthusiasts attain this lofty goal. Since Shaun T is an exercise expert, he has crafted a program that is rooted in science. Max interval training is the aim of Insanity routines, cycling followers of the program through a process that will be familiar to those who have done HIIT training.

The goal is to go into your peak cardiovascular zone for approximately three to four minutes. After the time is up, you will then do a mini-cooldown that lasts around 30 seconds. It is Shaun T’s belief that this is the most effective way to sculpt your body and create the dramatic results that you truly desire. If you happen to see someone wearing an Insanity t-shirt around town, chances are that they completed the program and sent in their “before” and “after” pictures to prove it. This is no small feat, as many people would find it easier to sit on the couch!

But Shaun T never says that Insanity is easy; rather, he’s referred to it as the most difficult workout to ever be put on tape. Even fitness buffs who have completed the popular P90X program have stated that Insanity is an incredibly hard program. Those who take on the challenge of Insanity have no illusions about the level of commitment required. And those who stick to the program may find that they are surprised by how amazing their final results are.

A Program That Is Fit for the Stars

At the beginning of his career, Shaun T spent a good amount of time as a choreographer to the stars, working with singer Mariah Carey and many others. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Insanity has racked up many impressive nods from the celeb set. Megastar Demi Lovato even tweeted that she completed the Insanity program and found it highly intense—but also extremely effective.

Another high-profile entertainer singing the praises of Insanity is rapper Missy Elliott. Famous for overcoming her health challenges, Missy let everyone know that Insanity had helped her to drop a whopping 30 pounds. It is these kinds of endorsements that have led to Shaun T becoming a celebrity in his own right. In fact, he’s even appeared on Mehmet Oz’s program “The Dr. Oz Show”, letting viewers in on some of his exercise tips. When Shaun T was on the show, Dr. Oz himself even tried a few of the Insanity signature moves!

When Shaun T made an appearance on Rachael Ray’s show, he mentioned that he originally started teaching dance classes in order to lose weight himself. However, his plan truly started to take on a life of its own. When 90 people showed up to work out with him, he knew that he was onto something. Similar to many other celebrity interviewers, Ray also expressed her admiration for Shaun T and his realistic approach to fitness. During the episode, Shaun T talked about his diet, stressing that he didn’t always adhere to a strict plan himself. In fact, many people are impressed with his honesty and willingness to bare his soul about how much pressure there is when you’re constantly expected to have a perfect body.

Productivity expert Marissa Brassfield was another high-profile person who loved the program, blogging about it and advising that Insanity fans also follow Shaun T’s nutrition program that comes with the DVDs. Yet another famous person who uses Insanity is U.S. Speaker of the House and 2012 Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan. Although many people may not agree with his politics, the fact that the man is fit is indisputable. According to reports, Ryan uses the Insanity program to maintain his enviable fat percentage, which hovers around six to eight percent.

It should be noted that these endorsements of Insanity are not paid for; the famous people mentioned simply wanted to help others who are also interested in achieving optimum fitness. In a world full of fitness programs that seem fake, Shaun T’s Insanity boasts a practically perfect record for helping high-profile people to achieve their goals. With so many celebrities going on record to sing the program’s praises, it’s extremely likely that there are even more famous people doing Insanity without talking about it publicly.

How Insanity Works

Shaun T wants you to have measurable results, so it makes sense that the program starts off with a fit test. Basically, you’ll be monitoring the point at which you become exhausted. This will help you to keep tabs on how you are progressing. Every other Monday, you will take this fit test in order to assess how far you’ve come. Prepare to sweat! Many Inanity enthusiasts emphasize just how much the program will crank up your body temperature until those muscles are crying out for sweet relief. The only day of the week that they will get their wish is Sunday; this is a day of rest for those who are following the intense program.

It should be noted that one day a week is devoted to recovery, but not in the way you may think. On these days, instead of doing cardio, Insanity-ites will be working on their strength training. Each session of the first month of Insanity lasts approximately 40 minutes. During the second month of training, the program amps up more. Now, sessions will extend to about an hour or so, and the difficulty level will increase along with the new time commitment.

The program recommends adhering to a 40-40-20 plan when it comes to diet. This means that Shaun T wants his Insanity fans to consume 40 percent protein, 40 percent carbohydrates and 20 percent fat. The protein will help clients to build their muscles, the carbs will assist with energy, and the fat supports sustained energy output. Since Insanity is an extremely vigorous program, customers will definitely want to ensure that they are consuming enough calories to support this level of high-intensity exercise.

Again, the focus of the Insanity program is to create a lean, toned physique. This is what the program truly allows you to accomplish, burning up areas of fat that may have even seemed stubbornly rooted prior to your first day of the program. Insanity enthusiasts often comment upon how quickly they started to see physical results, with many reporting that they noticed positive changes within the first week. Some have even stated that they saw a transformation start after only three days of following the program. Obviously, your results will vary based upon factors such as current physical condition, genetics and your adherence to the diet program.

Insanity users love talking about their experience doing the routines, so it’s always a good idea to discuss the program with others who have gone before you. With the internet at your fingertips, you can do some deep research into Insanity. When you see the multitude of people who have achieved incredible results on the program, chances are that you will want to try it. Although your energy will inevitably dip during some of the difficult parts, Shaun T’s infectious energy will keep you moving in the right direction.

Many users have commented about Shaun T’s ability to inspire them during the particularly challenging parts of the routine. Because he has real world experience as a choreographer and fitness teacher, it seems that this guru is perfectly equipped for helping people to stay motivated. Although many Insanity devotees have reported a love-hate feeling for Shaun T during these very hard parts of the program, he gets the job done. By staying focused on their fitness, Insanity users finish the 60-day program with a smile on their faces.