Proven Health Benefits

Proven Health Benefits of Garlic

You eat a lot of it on what is probably a weekly basis without even thinking about it, but you should really know more about garlic. When we think of garlic, we typically think of a simple seasoning or a flavor that we put onto a lot of our foods. The origins of garlic go back beyond our comprehension, and came from the part of China that nears the Mediterranean region.

To this day, China produces more tonnes of garlic in the world, making up 75 percent of the growth. Garlic certainly makes our food smell and taste great, but it also has plenty of health benefits. Whether you are using garlic as a seasoning or even chewing it raw, you can find yourself feeling better from consuming garlic. Let’s take a look at some of the great proven benefits of garlic so you can see why you should be incorporating it into your everyday diet.

Nutritious Garlic


You probably aren’t adding three and a half ounces of garlic to each serving of food that you eat, but eating that much raw can help your life. With that amount of garlic, you are getting a lot of different vitamins and nutrients without all of the calories. It basically makes garlic a multivitamin that you would never think about eating (probably because of the effect on your breath).

Each serving of garlic contains nearly all of your daily recommended intake of vitamin B6, while also being packed with thiamine, pantothenic acid and almost 40 percent of your vitamin C suggested intake. As for minerals, raw garlic is also very high in zinc, potassium, iron, phosphorus and even calcium. Above all, garlic contains manganese, at about 80 percent of your suggested intake.

Heart Health


You might remember there was a time when garlic was the hot new supplement several years ago. Almost everyone had switched some of their vitamins to a garlic tablet thanks to the antioxidant properties. Garlic is known to help with inflammation, which is a big cause of blood vessel issues that can lead to heart disease.

Phosphorus, manganese and calcium are all beneficial to your heart, strengthening your blood vessels. There have also been multiple studies that suggest garlic has the ability to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol. It doesn’t seem to have an effect on triglycerides or HDL, but still lowering the bad cholesterol by up to 15 percent in a short amount of time is a net positive overall.

Not only are we worried about cholesterol when it comes to our heart, but also our blood pressure. Hypertension is very common these days, and people looking to lower their blood pressure should consider a dose of garlic. Over the course of six months, garlic was shown to be just as effective as some prescribed blood pressure medication, without having any negative side effects.

Cure For What Ails You


Garlic has been studied for its effects on everyday ailments that many of us face. It starts with preventing diseases, as garlic acts as an antioxidant, preventing many of the diseases from forming in the first place. If you already have an infection (whether it be of the skin or a yeast infection), garlic can be consumed or applied to treat that infection.

There are also plenty of other medicinal uses for garlic, including sore throats and colds. Bacteria that causes these ailments are killed by garlic, and it can even be used for your sinuses. No matter how stuffed up your nose is, you can probably still smell garlic, and the pungency will help clear up sinus infections and even upper respiratory infections or bronchitis.

Brain Power


Two of the diseases that we unfortunately see commonly with aging are dementia and Alzheimer’s. These diseases are caused by free radicals attacking the cells of your brain over time, and can end up causing severe damage if not prevented. Taking in a regular dosage of garlic helps to keep these free radicals at bay through their antioxidant properties.

Studies have been conducted to find that garlic has positive effects in fighting these free radicals. Those that were studied have seen their chances of preventing Alzheimer’s and dementia increase, and even ease the symptoms for those that have already been diagnosed. It can be heartbreaking to see someone with these brain diseases, so getting started on a garlic dosage early in life is highly beneficial.

Heavy Metal


Early studies have shown that garlic can also have a positive benefit in increasing estrogen for females. An increased amount of estrogen will allow women to keep their bone health, preventing bone diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis. Even the bones in your mouth (your teeth, if you didn’t know), can benefit from added garlic.

While bones are the hardest part of your body, there are also plenty of metals that are floating around. It’s important to detoxify harmful ones such as lead, and garlic assists with that. Toxic metals can be flushed out up to 20 percent with regular garlic doses, which was comparable to prescription medications. This will also help your organs as your liver needs a clean slate to work with.

Pump it Up


If you’re one of those people that finds it hard to go to the gym, or ends up making it and can’t get through a workout, consider taking garlic. Garlic has been found to increase your blood health, which allows you to last for longer in the gym. Your maximum heart rate capacity will improve, preventing early fatigue.

This will also help you lose weight as you can spend more time doing cardiovascular activity and burning calories. Also, garlic helps to stop the converting of certain cells into fat cells, preventing a small amount of weight gain over time. Of course, with all of that energy, garlic has even been found to increase performance in the bedroom, which might come as a surprise to some.

Summing it Up


With all of these great benefits that you get from garlic, you might wonder if there’s really any negatives to be had. There are certain rare and minor side effects such as heartburn and upset stomach from taking too much. Really, the only thing that people commonly report from taking garlic is that their breath isn’t the freshest.

As long as you can get past your breath not smelling minty, there is a lot to like about garlic. You should make sure that it doesn’t clash with any of your medications, as well, though you likely would have figured that out by now. Other than that, the positives of garlic are numerous, and it’s highly suggested that you add more to your diet.