Proven Health Benefits

Proven Health Benefits of Kombucha

There are a lot of different teas out there that people like to drink, and one that has become popular is kombucha. It’s not only fun to say, but many have found that there are plenty of benefits. Kombucha originated in the far east centuries upon centuries ago, and became popular in Japan. Eventually, kombucha made its way across the Pacific Ocean and has become an everyday drink for many Americans.

Kombucha is a bit different from other teas in the fact that it is fermented using bacteria and yeast, and typically sweetened with honey or sugar. Plenty swear by kombucha on a daily basis, but does it really work wonders? Let’s take a look at the details of kombucha to see if you should be drinking it, getting all of the benefits.



Plenty of teas have detoxification properties, and kombucha is no exception. One of the main components of kombucha is acetic acid, which is vital in killing off bacteria that causes infections. Preventing illnesses (especially in the mouth) is one of the benefits that you get from drinking more kombucha, and will also help to kill a Candida infection.

To get the benefits that you would normally get from green tea, it’s important to have kombucha made from green tea. Antioxidants that you find in green tea will stay in kombucha, and help your digestive system. If you have found yourself having too much fun, your liver needs to pick up the pace to detoxify. You can drink green tea or kombucha to help aid the liver, reducing the toxicity by a large margin.

Fermenting kombucha introduced probiotics that will also help your digestive system. This means that you will almost instantly feel better after drinking a glass of kombucha tea. When your digestive system and liver are all working efficiently, you are sure to have more energy and feel lighter. That will help get you through a day with much more ease.

Weight Loss


A lot of us are looking for a weight loss benefit, and kombucha can help you out. The probiotics from kombucha that help your digestive system will also boost your metabolism and give you more energy. This will increase your ability to get through a strenuous workout without feeling bogged down. Not only that, but your body will absorb nutrients from food more efficiently.

Teas that include kombucha also help fight against belly fat, and control the insulin levels in your body. Keeping your insulin in check will help you manage weight, burning calories faster. One thing you have to be careful about when trying to lose weight with kombucha is the sugar level. If you use a sweetener such as a light amount of honey, you should be fine, but don’t put too much refined sugar into your drink.

For Your Heart


Many people are dealing with trying to level out their cholesterol on a daily basis, many of us trying to lower their numbers. Drinking kombucha more often can help you level out your cholesterol. Early studies have shown that kombucha delays the absorption of bad (LDL) cholesterol and triglycerides. In turn, you will also be raising your good (HDL) cholesterol in the process.

The best part is, that numbers were improved after just 30 days in studies, so you don’t have to wait too long to see the benefits. While the studies for kombucha tea aren’t as conclusive yet, kombucha has been found to have the same benefits as green tea. It can be assumed that kombucha has the same ability to lower the risk of heart disease at more than 30 percent.

Fighting Cancer


Antioxidants are important in the fight against inflammation, which is a major cause of many types of cancers. Kombucha is packed with antioxidants, and has been shown to control the growth of cancer cells in the body. Antioxidants that contain polyphenols can also help kill some of the cancer cells, making kombucha a possible part of the ammunition in the fight against cancer.

Liver, stomach and prostate cancer are the major types that kombucha is beneficial in stopping or spreading. We’ll know more about the effects of kombucha and other teas when it comes to cancer in the years to come. For now, it appears that there are plenty of benefits without adverse effects.

Where’s the Sugar?


Depending on how you prepare kombucha, it can be very beneficial for your body’s blood sugar. As long as you aren’t adding your own sugar during preparation to increase the amount, then you should see the great benefits. Kombucha increases your body’s insulin resistance to control blood sugar thanks to slowing down the digestion of carbohydrates.

As your organs become more efficient, your body won’t be overloaded with trying to control blood sugar. With fewer spikes and crashes in blood sugar, you will also be left feeling better throughout the day. Of course, the important part of controlling your blood sugar is preventing diabetes, which is one of the most common diseases in the world. Drinking kombucha that is made from green tea can reduce your chances of developing type-2 diabetes by nearly 20 percent according to one major study.

Summing it Up


Many people prefer to drink kombucha that already comes prepared in a store. If you are looking to play it safe, that’s the preferred way to go. Always check the label of kombucha to see if it contains less sugar than other types. The lower the amount, the better the tea will be for you in the end, bringing you the full range of benefits.

If you are adventurous and want to make your own, you can ferment green tea. Make sure to prepare with extreme caution, as contamination can be potentially lethal. It also takes more than a week to make your own, leaving many people to just go for the pre-made version. Also make sure to drink kombucha in moderation, as the caffeine contents can leave you feeling a bit jittery. There is also a high amount of acid in kombucha, which can cause problems for your teeth or liver if consumed too much.

As long as you are careful and moderating your kombucha intake, you will be just fine. You will be helping your heart, digestive system and also allowing your body to burn more calories. While green tea will give you the same benefits and also be easier to prepare, some prefer the taste of kombucha. Either way, there are great things to be said about both types.