Proven Health Benefits

Proven Health Benefits of Limes

It’s probably not a fruit that you eat on its own very often, but limes can have some tremendous benefits. A bit of an oddball in the citrus category unlike the more popular orange, limes are mainly used as garnishes for both food and drinks. There was a time, though, that limes were popular fruits to eat plain as they were beneficial in preventing scurvy for sailors.

No matter how they are consumed, limes are still being produced by the millions around the world, with more than 15 million tons produced annually. Limes are found around the world, and grow most commonly in India, Mexico and China. So what can this versatile fruit that grows in such different climates do for your body? Here are some proven health benefits of limes and the juice inside.

Nutritious and Green


You might hear that if you are trying to eat healthy, that you should be eating more green foods. Well, the lime certainly falls into that category, and you can get a lot of nutrition from them. Just one small lime will make sure that you get more than 30 percent of your daily recommended vitamin C intake. There are other vitamins to be found in limes, but not quite as abundant as the vitamin C level.

As for minerals, there are some decent levels of copper, potassium, iron and calcium. Toss in a few milligrams of magnesium and phosphorus and you have a pretty well rounded fruit. Each lime will also get you nearly 10 percent of your daily recommendation of dietary fiber, which has a range of benefits on its own.

Weight Loss


What’s amazing about the lime is that you get all of that vitamin C and fiber at a very low calorie cost. Each lime is only around 20 calories, making it a perfect snack that has around the same calorie content as your daily multivitamin. Citrus has been shown to help burn fat, which can really help your waistline when trying to lose weight. The fiber will also make you feel more full, allowing to keep cravings away.

One way that many people have been able to lose weight is by using a bit of lime juice in their water. Not only does it taste sweet to satisfy cravings, it doesn’t contain many calories at all and will be much healthier than drinking a diet soda. With that added nutrient boost, you’ll also find it easier to get through a tough workout.

Lime Beauty


Whether you are eating limes or putting them on your skin, there are going to be some great external benefits. Limes contain plenty of antioxidants that will keep your skin hydrated and free radicals at bay, making sure that you avoid wrinkles and premature signs of aging. If you use limes on your skin, you can kill a lot of the bacteria that causes acne, while reducing scarring in the process.

Many people also like to mix limes with conditioners or shampoo. This is going to be great for your scalp as it gets rid of dead skin cells and helps treat dandruff or psoriasis. That will also help your hair grow thicker and stronger. The best part is that you will smell great using limes as an external skin treatment.

Total Immunity


You’re probably aware already of the benefits of vitamin C when it comes to your immune system. With its antioxidants and high vitamin C level, limes are a great way to prevent nagging diseases like the cold or flu while also preventing some bigger ones later in life. Limes have been shown to reduce fevers and treat digestive issues such as diarrhea, indigestion and even cholera.

It’s also shown that the antioxidants in lime can drastically reduce your chances of heart disease and cancer. Since those are the two biggest natural killers out there right now, it’s important to keep them away. Just adding one lime per day to your diet can increase your lifespan by many years.

Acid Fruit


One problem that a lot of people have these days is a high uric acid content in their bodies. This can cause common health problems such as arthritis and gout, which you can prevent by eating more limes. Uric acid builds up when it becomes too abundant, and causes pain in the feet and joints. The antioxidants will help break up the uric acid levels in your body and allow you to expel that uric acid naturally.

Of course, naturally means having to use the restroom, and limes will make that easier. Limes flush your body of toxins, allowing your urinary tract to operate more efficiently. It has even been found that limes can help with prostate issues, which can prevent cancer in men over 40 years old.

Not Too Sweet


Limes have almost no glycemic load despite having sugar, and can help you control your blood sugar. Diabetics are told by doctors to eat more citrus fruits like the lime to help control insulin levels. The fiber content allows your body to do this, and there really isn’t much of a limit to how many limes you can eat when it comes to your blood sugar. Again, the lime water comes into play here as it is the perfect drink for someone struggling with their blood sugar levels.

Summing it Up


Are limes the best tasting fruit in the world? Not really, as you almost never see anyone eating a plain lime or drinking pure lime juice. It can be a bit sour, but you should be able to get through it in small doses. The good news is that you don’t need much to see a lot of health benefits. There is also good news if you love limes, as there aren’t really any negatives to eating a lot of them.

Some people might be allergic to the oil from limes when using it on your skin, but that’s considered to be very rare. Other than that, you can eat as many limes as you can stomach, really. So whether you are looking to lose weight, prevent nasty diseases from popping up or even just trying to make your skin look better, remember to pick up some limes along with those more common fruits like strawberries or bananas.