Proven Health Benefits

Proven Health Benefits of Oranges

There are quite a few of us out there that make it a point to eat oranges on a daily basis. The main reason is because we know some of the health benefits, but mainly because they are delicious and make for the perfect breakfast food or snack on the go. You have almost undoubtedly had at least one glass of orange juice in your life, so you know there are a lot of different ways to consume an orange.

How should you be taking oranges into your system, though, and how often should you be doing it? Once you know all of the benefits that oranges can bring, you might find yourself ready to go and buy a large bag of them. Here are some of the great proven benefits with oranges, as well as some other helpful tidbits.

Weight Loss


Most of us know that if we’re trying to lose weight, one of the best ways to do it is by eating more fruit. Fruits are lower in calories than most foods, and contain a lot of nutrients that are better for your overall health in the process. Oranges are no exception, as they have everything you need without all of the calories. In fact, a large calorie (about 184 grams) contains fewer than 90 calories.

There is quite a bit of fiber in a large orange, as well, which is a huge aid in weight loss. You will feel more full, and your body’s digestive system will improve, helping out your metabolism in turn. You also get just 15 grams of carbohydrates, making it a friendly option for those that are on a low-carb diet. Blood sugar also sees a regulation thanks to the fiber in oranges, allowing you to have more energy (which is why you see young athletes eating an orange slice) and quicker metabolism.

Vitamin Rich


Now, the part of oranges that some people have a higher awareness of, and that’s the vitamins. As you probably guess, oranges are filled to the brim with vitamin C, and one large orange can make sure you hit your daily recommended amount of the beneficial vitamin. That’s not the only thing to be found in an orange, as there are also significant levels of folate, thiamine, vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

While the other vitamins and minerals aren’t as abundant as vitamin C, they will all be very helpful in the long run. It’s hard to find a food that has all of that with so few calories, making it a wonderful fruit. There are also plenty of antioxidants, and fresh and juicy oranges can be found just about any time of the year for a low price.

Heart Healthy


Part of the orange’s potassium level that can benefit your body comes from the heart. Heart function will increase with more potassium, and is used to treat cardiac problems such as an arrhythmia. Fiber is another big part of heart health, as your bad (LDL) cholesterol can be lowered with an increased amount of oranges.

Patients in one study that drank pure orange juice found themselves with lowered cholesterol levels and a decrease in risk of heart disease. It only takes a few weeks for the heart benefits to be seen, and that’s thanks in part to the flavonoids. You might notice that many healthier older people are often eating fruits such as oranges.

Beauty Product


Oranges are not only good for the inside of your body, but also for the exterior. Vitamin C plays a role in skin health, making your skin stronger and more resistant to infections. It also helps to moisturize your skin thanks to beta-carotene that fights off free radicals. This will leave your skin looking younger and healthier, preventing dry and cracked skin that can make you look older.

Oranges also close up your pores and the peels mixed with milk act as a bleach to give yourself a glowing look. Those peels are highly acidic (in a good way), which can also help to wipe away acne and other blemishes. You might see an added benefit to your hair, as well, as it makes for a good conditioner that has the vitamins you need to keep your scalp healthy. This will help you to grow longer and thicker hair at a faster pace.

Immune Boost


The vitamin C content in oranges that we have mentioned so much have so many incredible benefits. Among the most important is what vitamin C can do for your immune system. An increased amount of vitamin C will help your body produce more white blood cells. Those cells will fight off any foreign germs or bacteria that enter your body, so the more the better.

Vitamin C can fight the battle alone, so the other minerals that include vitamin A (which can also improve your eye health) and copper will help those white blood cells. It’s not just the common cold that vitamin C can help you prevent, as free radicals will be kept at bay. This reduces your chances of developing a chronic disease such as cancer.

Oranges for Organs


Pretty much all of your body’s organs will benefit from having more oranges in your diet. Kidneys will operate more efficiently because of the nutrients, as regular pure orange juice intake has been shown to prevent toxins from creating kidney disease. Your liver will see an increased efficiency, as well, thanks to the vitamin A.

Fiber also helps your digestive system, and the high acid properties of oranges will prevent inflammation from happening. There aren’t many organs that aren’t positively affected by oranges, from your head down to your feet, as even bones are made stronger with the calcium content of oranges.

Summing it Up


Oranges have so many fantastic benefits, it’s hard to see why there are some people that just don’t like them or refuse to eat them. Most of us agree that they taste amazing, and they are incredibly easy to find and also cheap. So are there really any benefits to eating oranges on a regular basis?

There are some minor aspects that aren’t great, as oranges are high in natural sugars. Eating one or two per day isn’t going to make a big difference, but overdoing it can result in an increased amount of blood sugar. This would be a rare thing, but it could happen theoretically. There is also a lack of protein and fats (even healthy ones) in oranges, but that can be supplemented by other foods.

The one thing to look out for when it comes to oranges is how you are taking them. Organic ones will obviously be the best, though a bit harder to find and a bit more expensive. If you are drinking orange juice on a regular basis, make sure you are drinking the more pure types. These will have fewer sugars and allow you to get the great benefits of oranges. Whether it’s juice or straight from the peel, just make sure to get your immune boost from a daily orange at any time of the day.